Sunday, August 12, 2007

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On May 8th, 2004 I hit a deer with my car, there was hardly any damage to the car though. I decided that I would scrapbook this event. I did not have any deer stamps or stickers so I used some clip art from MS Word for the deer on this page. Here is what I came up with. Journaling reads 'May 8th, 2004 My grandmother was over from England so our family got together to celebrate Mother's day and our 1st anniversary. We spent the day at the cottage in Point Clark, ON. Around 10:30pm we decided to leave the cottage and head to Wingham were we would be spending the night. Andrew said he was tired, so I offered to drive, after all it was only a 30 minute drive. I was driving approx. 80km/hr on highway 86, and all of a sudden I saw a deer jump out onto the road. I tried to slam on the brakes, but I ended up hitting it head on. Surprisingly enough I did not stall the car, I was panicked and had forgot to use the clutch. I was freaking out. Andrew told me to pull over to the side of the road and he would take a look to see if the car would be okay to continue driving to Wingham. I told him he would have to drive, there was no way I could continue driving. As soon as we got into Wingham, we went to the Police Station to report what happened. Then we went to the house and phoned my parents, who were still at the cottage, to let them know what happened. As it was really dark outside, we could not have a good look at the car to see how much damage was done, so we decided to go to bed and look at it in the morning. When we got up Sunday morning we took a look at the car, and surprisingly you could hardly tell we had hit a deer. What a great car, it was a 1992 Toyota Camry. The license plate and holder were bent and the front wheel on the passenger side was making a noise, but we couldn't figure out what it was. We drove back to Point Clark to meet my parents for church and then afterwards, Dad took a look at the car. Andre w and Dad ended up taking the front tire off to take a look, apparently the rotor on the wheel was bent and rubbing on the wheel frame, so Dad bent the rotor back into shape, and the car drove fine after. I thank God for protecting us through this, things could have been a lot worse than they were. This was a really frightening experience for me, and for a long time afterwards I was scared to drive after dark. I am starting to get better with driving, but would rather not drive if someone else can.'

Supplies Used:
(All Stampin' Up!)
Stamps: Headline Alphabet
Ink: Bravo Burgundy
Cardstock: Almost Amethyst, Bravo Burgundy, Mellow Moss
Accessories: Clip Art from MS Word

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Christine said...

Wt a perfect title! I also really like the journalling! Great idea to scrapbook this experience!