Thursday, August 9, 2007

Don't scrap when you are tired.

I started to work on this scrapbook page when I got from work yesterday, but then I got distracted from it. I had to get my desk cleaned up before I went to bed last night, so I sat down to finish it. I can't leave the room messy because our house is for sale and we never know when someone might go through it. So anyways, I ended up finishing it just before midnight last night. As I went to put the pages in my scrapbook I noticed a couple of mistakes. (That's what I get for scrapping when I am tired.) The first mistake wasn't really a mistake I suppose. One picture is cut in a circle instead of a square, but that's because it was the only copy of the picture I had and it was already cut as the circle for some reason. I can't find the negatives of this picture otherwise I would have a copy printed. If I ever find the negatives I will probably fix this. The other mistake is the title on the right hand side, 'at the Smith's', I meant for this writing to face inwards not out, and of course when I noticed this the letters were already glued down. Oh well, I don't plan on changing it right now because the letters took me a while. It will just have to stay like this. The thing I learned from this experience was - Don't scrap when you are tired!

Supplies Used:
(All Stampin' Up!)
Stamps: Holiday Tag Team
Ink: Always Artichoke
Cardstock: Always Artichoke, Brocade Blue, Barely Banana
Accessories: Ribbon

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Christine said...

I love your write up about this! I actually really like the circle picture of you draws your eye to it, and makes it look like the main pic, and that you have purposely done something different there. With it being the two of you, i thought it was cool!